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    Auto Transport Service

    Cars usually get transported on a car carrier or a smaller truck that can carry 3-4 cars. The car shipping carriers typically have specific routes to and from habitual destinations.

    Transportation of Inoperable or Non-Running Vehicles – If the car is a non-running condition, meaning you can’t start, steer or stop it, there will be an additional fee, called an “Inop fee”, that usually runs at about 150$.

    Transition time – transition time varies according to a few factors. First of all according to the total distance between the origin and destination of the transit. An intrastate transportation, in which the shipment begins and ends in the same state, will ordinarily be a same day or next day service. An Interstate shipment, in which the shipment originates in one state and ends in another, has a longer transit time, that depends on various factors – length of the route, the number of vehicles being loaded with your vehicle on the car carrier, the placement of your vehicle in the carriers load, and of course – traffic, breakdowns, weather conditions etc’.

    If you are planning to ship a vehicle – be sure to start planning it in advance, and provide the carrier at least a 3 day window for pick-up and delivery.